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Jan 27, 2013 8:30am PST
the pantera rosa, you know, the pink panther, because he was a funny, sort of... you know, like that, very military, his way. and for some reason orther, he invited me, with jt the other journalists, to talk to him. like we're talking now, in an annex, not in a big office or anything like that. we talked, it was very pleasant, and he wore a civilian suit, and he was very pleasant, very nice. and i sat there, and these other people asked questions, and i thought, "i just can't go on anymore." i said, "but president videla, people are still disappearing!" with that, he changed. he was furious. and then, unfortunately, a most... you know, an admired journalist broke iand said, "well, you have to realize, like julius caesar, there are times when there are things that you have to do that you have to do and you can't talk about them." so from that moment on, i realized that this was... it was a policy of disappearing. so what we were trying to do was to break the silence about it, because people denied it. i had people who came down from the united states, people who'd been living... argentines
Jan 28, 2013 9:00pm PST
work? >> i think of rosa jim√Čnez, who was a 27-year-old college student. she had a 5-year-old daughter. she was getting a nursing degree. she really wanted to, you know, succeed in this country. and she faced an unintended pregnancy. and because she was low income, because she was a recipient of medicaid, she was denied access to an abortion because of henry hk9 holocaust, are the women they're entrusting to raise their children, to raise our children, the next generation of taxpayers, and with very little support, with little healthcare, with little economic security. and they're talking about them in a way that ultimately leads down the road to where women are actuallyeing arrested for and miscarriages. where they are actually starting to arrest women who have abortions. and we saw when people were asked to vote on the reality of these laws, when they're exposed through so-called personhood measures, that they were votes on this in colorado and mississippi where they come out and they say, "what we're really trying to do is create complete separation of eggs, embryos, and fetuses fro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2